Five Signs Your Employees Are About to Quit

As a boss, you may like to think your employees are happy and settled. But as figures suggest, job satisfaction has in fact reached a two-year low, so this may not always be the case.

Whether you’re the owner of a small start-up or responsible for multiple employees at a large company, there are consistent tell-tail signs that your employees are unhappy and may be about to head out of the door.

They start dressing differently

If your employees suddenly start dressing smartly when they used to dress casual, or if they unexpectedly start not caring much about their work attire, then this could be a very early warning signal that something is amiss.

Smart attire on a few random days could signal a job interview after work or at lunchtime, whereas a sloppier appearance could show that they’ve stopped caring about their work.

Their work starts to slip

This won’t always be true, but sometimes when people are looking for other opportunities they start caring less about the quality of their work, resulting in silly errors and missed opportunities.

Workers who feel disconnected or undervalued at a company can find themselves not thinking about the job in hand.

Productivity levels are down

Should your employees suddenly start missing deadlines or dropping sales, there may be something more going on than just an off-day or week.

Although there are many other factors that could contribute, it may be worth taking a closer look at their role and behaviour.

Body language changes

When we start a job, we’re all keen to impress, and that comes out in our body language. If this suddenly changes and you notice a more relaxed body language where there wasn’t one before, it could be a sign that your once star employee has pulled away from the company and is looking down other avenues.

You speak to them but get little in return

If you sense that something more is going on, it’s worth speaking to the employee in question to see if you can get some feedback and allow them to open up. Although this may seem drastic, it’s a good way to reaffirm your commitment to your employees.

However if you get little in return, this should signal some warning bells. Not receiving feedback can show you that they’ve already accepted their fate and have no intention of making the situation better.

Do you have any other tell-tale signs to look out for? Let me know via social media or in the comments section below!

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

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