How to deal with uncertainty

How To Embrace Uncertainty

Are you letting fear of the unknown prevent you from moving forward?

Uncertainty is a fact of life and should be something that is embraced rather than to be scared of.

Inevitably there will be problems in all areas of your life and things will never go to plan.

Good leaders approach issues with determination and clear-headedness enabling them to overcome obstacles and find workable solutions to problems that crop up along the path to success.

Release the mind

Your mind is your greatest enemy when it comes to progressing in your personal or professional life.

Releasing yourself from negative thought patterns and approaching change with a positive mindset can work wonders for improving your attitude to work and life.

There are certain approaches to adopt which can help you manage change and use it positively to achieve success.

Don’t let anything faze you

Stay calm and collected in the face of adversity and things will seem a lot easier to deal with.

Adopting a calm mental attitude when problems occur can help you to assess problems clearly and objectively without getting too emotionally involved.

Don’t rush decisions – especially when you are uncertain about the consequences, but equally don’t be afraid to take a decision when you are in a position of power.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind if you are proved wrong

Obviously, decisiveness is a valuable quality in leadership.

But, good leaders are also able to see when they have made a mistake due to misinformation or uncertainty.

It’s fine to change course when something isn’t going to plan.

Therefore, uncertainty is not an issue and trial and error can be used to find the best solution to a problem.

Never be afraid to admit you made a mistake and change your course of action as the situation evolves.

Adopt a positive mindset in everything you do

Don’t get hung up on worries about things which may never happen.

The future is a world of possibility and you have the power to make things happen, even if consequences seem uncertain at the time.

Adopting a positive attitude towards life and work can change your life.

It is not what happens to us in life that defines us but our approach towards what happens.

Try negative visualisation

Turn your problem on its head. What is the worst that could happen?

How would you deal with it if the worst case scenario that you are imagining did happen?

Calmly work through the steps you would take in the worst case scenario in your head and visualise the outcome.

Planning properly as much as you possibly can will alleviate doubt and uncertainty.

It’s impossible to eliminate uncertainty

Throughout everything we do in our lives, there will be an element of uncertainty.

Once this is recognised it becomes easier to make decisions as we learn to be more decisive and follow through with actions with care taken to alleviate negative consequences but not getting too hung up on them.

Unrealistic societal expectations have conditioned us to have full control in every situation but in reality it is never like that and things must run their course.

Remember… if you never take that first step then you will always be missing out, whereas if you achieve the confidence required to take the decisions then you will be continually moving forwards.

It is better to take a bad decision that can be rectified than be paralysed in a state of indecision.

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Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

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