How To Make A New Employee Feel Welcome

When you have a new member of staff joining the team, one of the most important things to do is ensure that they feel welcome and at home.

Starting a new job can be intimidating, especially for new employees joining an already close-knit team.

Being friendly and accommodating will make new staff members feel happy at work and will also mean they will be able to carry out their job more effectively.

Check out our tips for making new employees feel welcome.

Explain things well

If a new employee has just taken the job and has no previous experience, it’s likely that they’ll need talking through things and breaking in gently in the first couple of weeks.

Be sure to explain everything to them well so that they understand and reassure them that they can ask and questions that they need to.

Give them a tour of the workplace

If you have a large office or working space, make sure your new employee has a grand tour so that they know where everything is.

It’s also essential that you should them where the toilet and kitchen are and explain all of the facilities that you have for them to use during their working day.

Arrange a social icebreaker

A good way to get things off on the right foot with a new team member is to arrange a social gathering outside of working hours so that they are able to meet all of their new colleagues in a relaxed environment.

Ensure that everyone is able to attend for either casual drinks or some sort of activity like bowling, which will help them to develop relationships and get to know everyone.

Give them a mentor

When someone has just started a new job, it helps if there is a designated person that they can speak to if they have a problem and who can track their progress and offer them any support that they may need.

Team them up with someone who feels comfortable with this responsibility and that you think they will get on well with.

Ask for their feedback

People like to have the opportunity to say what they think and how they feel, and this is really important in the workplace.

Schedule meetings with new employees so that they can talk about how they are getting on and raise any concerns that they may have.

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

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