How Smartphones Have Revolutionised Business

Technology is constantly evolving.

Generally, things change over time, but occasionally something is invented that totally revolutionises the way we do business.

The smartphone is one such example as it has significantly impacted the way we work and how we conduct business.

Anywhere offices

One of the most liberating things smartphones offered business was the ability to get out of the office and yet still have everything you need in your hand.

Previously staff would have to rely on telephone calls to pass information about new jobs, for example, but now we can use CRM technology and push notifications making it seem like we are all in one location even if staff are scattered miles or even countries apart.

Driving paperless business

The fact that we can now access everything available on office-based desktops, but using a smartphone, has also helped to drive the paperless revolution.

Accounts, invoices, emails, the list is pretty endless, and everything can now be done on the move without the need to print anything.

This means businesses can do their bit to be more environmentally aware, and, of course, save money from this newer printing-free business model.


Not only did smartphones bring a mobile element to businesses, the introduction of apps has meant that we are still evolving the way we can use this technology.

It is pretty much possible to run your business and personal life from one device because there is literally an app for everything.

As mentioned, CRM technology-enabled collaborative working and communication can be as simple as tapping a few buttons.

Jobs can be updated, invoices sent, without anyone actually speaking to anyone else.

Workflows are optimised and streamlined with each member of the team able to see what is coming their way in real time.

Smarter working

Thanks to smartphone technology businesses can now work smarter.

From being able to track where your employees are to being on the pulse of customer interaction, smartphones make it easy to be fast and in control.

While Big Brother style management is not to be encouraged, being able to see where staff are, how long they are taking to complete tasks and where they then head next is vital for some forms of business.

It also means that customers can get responses out of hours.

Some companies still prefer to close at 5pm and deal with any queries the next day, but for others, the bonus of being able to handle a customer enquiry at 3am because your smartphone is in your hand is vital.

Socially speaking

Social media is another massive explosion in the business world, and this is another place that smartphones are excelling.

While not all businesses have embraced the social media platforms, those that have will testify that smartphones make things easier.

In fact for small businesses or sole traders they enable you to create a significant brand presence that suggests teams of staff when in fact just one or two people are doing everything with the help of enhanced technology.

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock is a world-leading business consultant and expert strategist with over 25 years' experience in developing and re-organising businesses. Contact him today and make your dreams a reality.

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