The key aspect of change management, before you implement the change is liaising with all stakeholders to ensure that they are all aware that change is necessary and that they buy-in to the type of change which is also leveraged off their opinion of what needs to be changed.


The concept of change is often disruptive to a business or in more entrepreneurial businesses there is almost an addiction to the necessity for change. During implementation of change the key thing is to maintain an open dialogue with key individuals and ensuring that there is a full understanding of the objectives that are being sought throughout the process. Another aspect is highlighting how difficult the change process is, as it moves from the fun concept of what everyone wants to achieve, to often, the hard work of thinking through the change process.


Once change is implemented there is an important policing process, to ensure that the ideas that have been implemented are being followed through as often people can revert back to their original way of doing things. Often change reviews up to 2, 4 and 6 weeks afterwards and also ensuring that the change process is reviewed with the management who have responsibility to see it happen.

Abi Blake

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