Three Employee Schemes To Make Your Workforce Happier

Employees are the beating heart of your business, without them your company would shrink and ultimately fail.

Happy employees will not only stay at your company, but a recent study also showed that there is a direct correlation between employee happiness and productivity levels.

By investing in your workforce’s happiness, it not only allows you to instil your company ideals throughout the workforce, but it also demonstrates that you (as a company) are invested in your workforce and on an individual level.

With over 20 years in business, starting and growing multiple companies from the ground up, Trevor McClintock talks us through his top five employee schemes to increase happiness within the workplace.


Flexitime isn’t a new idea, it’s been around the business community for a good 15 years and it continues to be a great perk and a brilliant inventive for attracting new talent and retaining existing people.

Flexitime can be implemented in multiple forms depending on the industry you are in.

In its most simple form you can say to your employees that they can do their required time per day any time in a given time period, for example, your employees can work their 7.5 hour day any time between 6am and 8pm, giving them a chance for an early finish or a lie in.

The more extreme cases of flexitime are being adopted by some of silicon valley’s most progressive workplaces, where the employer sets an amount of work, and if the employee does it, they can then leave for the day/week.

Some companies, such as GitHub, have a policy stating that if you don’t feel happy you shouldn’t come into work.

Flexitime works because it shows that your company is invested in your employee’s time out of the office as well as what they spend there.

It also implies that you have a level of trust in your employees, making them feel an integral part of the company.

Points Reward Scheme

The points rewards scheme is essentially an incentive scheme; but instead of restricting people to a certain path of rewards, the points scheme gives employees a chance to choose what they would like their reward to be.

By implanting the points scheme, you can afford to be agile in your rewards, for instance, if you have a particularly busy month, you can offer a better set off rewards and award points for specific tasks to help motivate employees towards the shared goal.

It also demonstrates that you’re invested to rewarding team members for their hard work, building the company ethos that hard work will always reap rewards.

Internal Training Programs

Internal training is vital to letting your employees know that they have got your support to develop their skills and ultimately be a better worker.

The biggest hurdle to jump over when thinking about an employee training program is the old business adage of, “what if we train them and they leave?”

This has recently been revitalised by Richard Branson, who says, “Train people well enough so that they can leave; treat them well enough that they don’t want to.”

By building a solid company culture and implementing some of the above incentives you’ll be able to run a training program without worrying about people leaving.

If you’re interested to hear more from Trevor about the best employee schemes to implement you can reach him on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or visit the Trevor McClintock Business Consultant website.

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock

Trevor McClintock is a world-leading business consultant and expert strategist with over 25 years' experience in developing and re-organising businesses. Contact him today and make your dreams a reality.

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